Leslie Rodney Peterson III

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Lee, in order to avoid confusion. He is as much like his mother as Nicole is like me. In fact, it caused me no small amount of difficulty as he was growing up because he doesn't think the way I do, and I couldn't understand why. It took his degree in psychology and his patience and personality to get me to see that despite the fact we don't think alike doesn't mean there's something wrong with him or us.

Lee & Cindy I finally have some graphic(s) to add to Lee's page. I haven't found one of his AYSO youth league soccer pictures yet; I'm sure he'll be thrilled. But here's a nice picture of Lee and his fiance, Cindy, the week they got engaged (August, 2001), taken at Nicole and Jon's hotel. The wedding was in July, 2002.

The 'kids' This is a picture of all of our kids now, taken at Lee and Cindy's wedding. Left to right: Jon, Cindy, Lee, Nicole.

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