Joy Malena

For the whole of this pregnancy, the modern technique of ultra-sound gender determination was not employed, and the kids rocked it old school—the parents happy for anything, the boys eager for a new compadre with whom to terrorize the older sister, and same sister praying for some chromosome balance in the family.

“Joy” was sort of an obvious choice, her middle name is a family name on Mom’s side. If it had been a boy, I was campaigning hard for LRP IV. It’s still available…

Joy & Mom

Joy and proud mom, Cindy, very shortly after birth..

Growing family

Family of six! The older kids get their first look at their new plaything sister.

’oh, boy, Sis—we’re going to get them now!’

Emily’s dream came true. She thinks this evens the odds. She’s in for a surprise.

Joy Malena

Joy on her way home in the traveling outfit Grandma bought her. Yes, I’m a shallow opportunist—I named the image “Joy-ride”.

Last updated: 24 February 2013

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