The Master Woodbutcher’s Tool Kit

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Here’s a list of my major tools in order of acquisition:
(line through tool description means tool has been retired)

My shop once looked like an ad for Sears. Remember that prior to about 1985 or so there weren’t a lot of choices for places to go to buy tools. It’s only been within that last 15 or 20 years that we’ve had places like 7 Corners Ace Hardware, Tool Crib of the North, Woodworkers Supply of NM, WY, NC, etc., (and Amazon, too) to buy real tools from. So, as time goes on, the Craftsman inventory keeps going down and the Delta (and others) inventory keeps going up. Now the shop is starting to look like a Delta catalog.

Here’s a list of my other power tools in no particular order (well, alphabetical…sort of):

Some of these things (like the plane and the Foredom) I inherited from my father. I don’t think I would ever have bought a power plane, but that Foredom is quite handy. Thanks, Dad. For everything.

I have blamed Norm (Abram, he of flannel shirts, and New Yankee Workshop fame) for me having to spend hundreds of dollars getting certain tools. No category more so than being introduced to the world of air nailing. Following is my collection of air nailers:

No tool gloat would be complete without mentioning the Bessey K-body clamp collection:

The inventory was increased by 62.5% during a fire sale of 24" and 40" K-bodies at Sears in 2001. I’ve also started adding some Bessey Tradesman clamps as well. In fact, I ODed on them when Home Depot closed them out in the winter of 2004.

There are also some Tru-Grip Clamp ’N Tool guides and some Quick-Grips, as well as a few C-clamps, and hand screws. I’m lucky; I don’t want much for clamping power.

Finally, if you haven’t had enough nausea over one man’s never ending tool gloat, here are some pictures of most of the aforelisted tools. Since I also have some comments on each of them you may pick up some worthwhile information—perhaps to help with your tool buying decision.

Last updated: 02 January 2018

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