Descendants of Sylvanus Scofield

Sylvanus Scofield
James Scofield Thankful Scofield
/ \
James Scofield, Jr(cousins)Rachel Scofield(married Eliakim Lindsey)
  /       \
John McAllister Schofield
(the General)
(2nd cousins)Washington Perry Lindsey
(2nd cousins,       
once removed)      
Willis Lindsey
(2nd cousins,   
twice removed)
Claude Lindsey
(2nd cousins,       
3 X removed)      
Mildred Lindsey
(2nd cousins,   
4 X removed)  
The Master Woodbutcher

NB: If you'll notice, the Genera’s name is spelled with an “H“. James Jr. added the “H“ to the name after the family moved to Illinois around 1840. The spelling of family names was quite fluid 150 years ago. There are land records of Rachel’s brother, Shadrach, that have Scofield spelled with an “H“. Census takers made similar spelling errors. The Lindseys were often spelled Lindsay, Lindsy, or Linzy in various public records.

NB: This tree was based on information developed by a Scofield family member. I now have reason to believe that the connection between Sylvanus and James Scofield is incorrect and that James’ lineage doesn't join Sylvanus’ for four or five generations above that shown. In actuality, The General and Washington Perry Lindsey were more likely 5th or 6th cousins than 2nd. Nevertheless, with a total population of fewer than 2,000 in 1831, it seems a virtual certainty that any Scofields residing in Chautauqua County at that time must have been related.

Last updated: 21 August 2010

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