A Mobile Clamp Stand For Your Shop

Blatantly Stolen From Woodshop News

I stole this from a shop tip in Woodshop News. I'm upfront about that. So there.

Anyway, it seemed like a good idea, and I had a heavy duty set of 3" swivel casters that have been laying around for about 15 years so I figured, "let's do a project."

I also had a large disc of plywood that I salvaged from somewhere, so I used that as the base for the stand instead of the crossed 2x4s in the original shop tip from Woodshop News. I picked up a nice 4x4 from Home Depot and a couple of 2x4s on general principle and started hacking it up.

There's no rocket science here; just attach 4x to disc, attach 2xs to post, brace, attach casters, and voila!

Use your favorite joinery techniques here. I dadoed the cross arms into the post just to provide some stiffening, and I also dadoed the ends of the cross arms into the adjacent cross arm. It makes a very sturdy structure.

The gussets in the pictures (there are also four of them on the underside of the disc) weren't strong enough once I got clamps attached. This thing is heavy! So I redid them by cutting 45° angles on the ends of some 2x4s about 10" long and screwed them in on each side of the post.

Anyway, here are the pics:

text The disc is just under 30" in diameter, and the whole stand is about 6' tall. It's amazing how heavy that stack of clamps is.

text This is a closeup of the base so you can see a little of the detail of the gussets (since replaced) and the casters.

Thanks for taking a look at my clamp stand, an idea stolen from Woodshop News.

Last updated: 27 January 2009

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