It Is Indeed a Small World

I live in a relatively small town in NE Florida. I had some tools I needed to sell and listed them in the local Pennysaver. One guy called up and came to look at the tools. When he saw the bigger machinery (mostly Delta) in the shop that was replacing the stuff I needed to sell, he remarked how it looked like Norm's shop. Then, and I swear this is true by all that is holy, he said to me, “did you know there's a guy on the web with a site that lists all of Norm's tools?”

What are the odds? That web author could live anywhere in the world. That someone in the same town, looking to buy tools from a one time sale, and who had seen my site, mentions it to me blew me away. I was dumbstruck.

Also, he bought the DJ-15, the tablesaw, and the drill press.

Last updated: 27 January 2009

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