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I stole this HTML from Dave Lers’ excellent page on the 32mm system at:

I wrote him and asked for permission to use his code directly. I did hear from him advising me of his new webpage URL, but he didn’t specifically say I could use it, nor did he say I couldn’t. His information is too valuable to lose, so I am blatantly violating his copyright here in hopes I eventually receive his blessing.

Unfortunately, both the URLs I had for it now seem dead. Too bad. I’m glad I preserved this info.

I’ve since received word from my friend, Phillip Davis, that the above URL is now active (as of the date below), so all of the other great 32mm information that Dave put together is available again. I think I’ll still keep this page here for all of my original reasons.

Sheesh. Dave moved again, and again. As of the date below, the link above was accurate.

Rod Peterson

This is a very accurate method for checking a sliding tables (or sleds, miter fences, etc.) fence for squareness to the sawblade. I ran across this while watching a Laguna Tools video. Hopefully the drawing is self descriptive. Different setups will call for either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. To see how much more accurate it is than doing a diagonal measurement be sure and scroll down to the second picture. The bigger the piece of material you use the better.

descriptive drawing of 5 cut method

I made the following with Drafix CAD. I figure that a 32nd of an inch is as accurate as you can get with a tape measure. As you can see diagonal measuring doesn’t work if you really want to be square. If you *really* want to get precise you can use a caliper with this method. You do need to consider the limits of your tooling, how much slop is in the runners or bearings etc., before trying to get within .001 (probably totally unrealistic) with this method.

cad drawing showing difference in diagonal and 5 cut accuracy

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