I'm not much for watching contemporary TV shows. I can't remember a show I ever watched from its premiere. Notable shows that I got interested in well into their run are Roseanne, Home Improvement, Law & Order, NYPD-Blue, JAG, and Seinfeld (and more recently, Scrubs and Coupling). With the exception of Law & Order and Scrubs (which are still running), I stayed with each of them until the end. There were elements about each that I found extremely compelling. Interestingly, though, I also find that with two exceptions, none of them have held up well over time—the exceptions? Roseanne (excepting the idiotic last two seasons) and Seinfeld.

In fact, I think Seinfeld is as relevant now as it ever was in first run. I've bought all of the DVDs released to date and will continue until the end. I still watch and enjoy as many of the episodes in syndication as I can. There is still an active newsgroup on usenet (, although there's obviously no contemporaneous discussion as there most certainly was during the show's run. Postings often consist of quotes from dialogue posted in sequential order, which I find hilarious. Newsgroups for other programs essentially turned into spam pits or other wastelands after the show's final season.

I once observed (and still do frequently) that every situation in life was covered in a Seinfeld episode. There are so many good lines from the show that I couldn't begin to include them in my regular quotes page—I had to develop a unique Seinfeld page for them. So, herein will be my repository of my favorite Seinfeld quotes. This will take a while to develop, partly because as I am writing this initial script, I cannot think of a single quote. Also, sometimes quotes just pop into my head because of a given circumstance and not all of them are worthy of being memorialised here (although nothing of that ilk comes to mind, either). So be patient, come back from time to time, and enjoy.

Jerry Seinfeld
(delivered on several occasions
characterizing his shallow,
uncaring persona)
"That's a shame."

Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld"I think he converted to judaism for the jokes." (referring to his dentist)
Father Curtis"And this offends you as a Jew?"
Jerry"No. It offends me as a comedian."

Jerry Seinfeld and Henry Woronicz in Seinfeld

George Costanza"I have the ability to sense the slightest human suffering."
Jerry Seinfeld"Are you sensing anything right now?"

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander in Seinfeld

George Costanza (looking in bag, chuckling)"Bread. Beautiful."
Soup Nazi (Yev Kassem)"You're pushing your luck, little man."

Jason Alexander and Larry Thomas in Seinfeld

Last updated: 27 January 2009

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