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One of my other hobbies involves cooking. I'm not actually an avid cook in the sense of doing a lot of it, nor doing a lot of exotic dishes, but much like in woodworking, I like to have good tools, and I like to make my shop nice to look at and nice to work in.

Golly, it's about time to revise this page. Although much of the information is about cooking in general and the implements in particular, there was quite a bit about the kitchen in our condo that we lived in for four years. However, we bought a house in 2003 and have been renovating it since, including a major kitchen remodel. Details are elsewhere on this site, so I won't repeat them here.

I discovered the industrial looking Metro™ shelving on a Home Again episode. When I saw someone on the rec.food.equipment with a unit in their own home, I was even more intrigued. Then I got a flyer from The Container Store advertising Metro shelves, and when I went to look at them, I was sold. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I wanted in stock, and I wanted to buy today!

So, when I got home, I did some research on the internet and found a supplier in Orlando that not only had what I wanted, but knew exactly what I was looking for (their webpage is a little confusing, and the Metro line is quite extensive, so it's easy to get mixed up). Three days later, a package arrived and I was in business.

Metro shelf unit This unit (as seen in the condo kitchen) has 60" posts, and 18"x42" shelves. As you can tell, it holds a tremendous amount of stuff, and will support an incredible amount of weight (I think 500 lbs!).

The wooden topped unit next to it was given to us by our daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. It's not Metro, but it matches very nicely, and makes a great pastry rack.

On the Metro rack are

On the pastry rack are

As far as other kitchen paraphernalia is concerned, we have more than 20 pieces of Calphalon™ cookware. We discovered it in the late '80s or early '90s and love it. It is very heavy duty; our grandchildren will be settling fights with their kids over who gets what. It is also extremely nice to cook with, being solid aluminum; you just can't believe how evenly it heats.

Some of the cookware pieces are on the Metro shelf. Others are in drawers, and a few will hang from the ceiling on one or two racks I built for our Illinois house. Also, our chinois, ladles, whisk, and a couple of decorative copper pieces will hang from the racks. I just haven't gotten around to figuring exactly where or how many I want to put up.

Our Wusthof Trident Classic knives reside in a block I built years ago from cherry. We have:

Last updated: 27 January 2009

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