Upgrading the Hitachi M12V to Two Wrench System

As you saw, I was really eager to get my M12V working as I had seen it work on The Router Workshop. Seeing only one wrench in the box, a spindle lock and no ¼" collet, I e-mailed both Hitachi and The Router Workshop.

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> Largely on the basis of your show plus some of my
> own experience, I bought a Hitachi M12V. It appears
> that the one's Bob and Rick use employ a 2 wrench
> method of chucking bits. That is the method I prefer.
> My M12V came with a spindle lock and a single wrench,
> although the shaft does have hex flats on it. Is
> theirs the same way or did Hitachi change their
> design?
> Also, is there a separate ¼" collet (as the Bosch
> and Porter-Cable routers have) or does Bob's only
> have the ¼" inserts for the ½" chuck, like mine
> came with?
> Thanks.
I am sending information on how you can change your Hitachi router to work with both the 21 and 23 mm wrenches (23 mm is a Makita wrench). The Hitachi router Bob uses just has the ¼" sleeve in the collet not an interchangable ¼" one.

Spring Removal

  1. Lock the base with the locking lever.
  2. Remove the threaded rod holding the base to the router body by loosening the two nuts at the base.
  3. Hold the base plate with your fingers and carefully release the locking lever. Once the tension is off, remove the springs and two rods from the columns. When putting the springs back, remember to put the two rods back into the body of the router and not towards the base.
  4. Be careful not to lose the locking lever brass pin that is pressed against the column to lock the base in place.
  5. Insert the columns back into the router body. Lock in place and install the threaded rod. The router should move freely up and down for easy table mounted adjustment.

M12V Two Wrench System

  1. Remove the base plate (see removing the springs).
  2. Remove the two armature brushes.
  3. Remove the 4 screws that hold the white metal body to the plastic housing and pull out the armature.
  4. Clamp the armature between two pieces of wood in a vise. Unlock the nut at the bottom of the shaft and remove the lock plate.
  5. Using a grinding stone or file, remove the three little "knobs" of white metal near the grooved air intake area. This will prevent them from interfering with the 23mm wrench.
  6. Tighten the shaft nut and reassemble. Note: The stopper block for height adjustment can also be removed if desired. A 23mm wrench will be required to turn your M12V into a two wrench system.

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I just purchased an M12V, largely from seeing the operations of Bob Rosendahl on the Router Workshop. It appears that his M12V uses a 2 wrench system on the chuck for changing bits. My router came with a spindle lock (1 wrench system). Has the product been changed? If it has, can my router be converted to 2 wrench use? Is there a wrench available for the shaft? (it has a hex shaft)

Thank you.

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The bits can be changed either way. The item number for the other wrench is 956922 and it is a 23mm wrench.

For a dealer or a service center near your, please call 1-800-546-1666.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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