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Welcome to the home of woodbutchery and shop talk. It'll take you a while to wander through all of the pages, but you shouldn't get lost. This site is arranged so you rarely have to go more than three levels deep to follow all of my ramblings (well, maybe in my tool list area or the Norm's Tools area, but if you get to either place, you're a tool junkie and don't care if you ever get back).

After you've awakened from the nap my essays put you in, check out the Links Page. I don't have a lot of links; just a few that you may find interesting or useful.

You can usually get back to this page by clicking on the Back to Main Page link at the bottom of each page (except in Norm's area), but since you usually can't go more than three levels down, the back button on your browser should easily manage site maneuvering.

Ffwwwweeeeeeppp!!! (whistling sound)

site map here.

If you are not used to linear webpage design, you might want to check out the site map to help you navigate. This main page is long and there are a lot of articles. Sometimes, particularly on those rare repeat visits, it's just easier to use the site map. But I hate for you to miss the homey introductions to all of the articles.


Everyone who hates slow-loading, graphics intensive pages raise your hands.

---es -- t--.

Oops. That should have been “mines up too,” but with my right hand up, that's all I could type. Anyway, early on I installed thumbnails on all of the pages that have graphics (except for the tool pictures in Norm's Tools, however, there are usually no more than two pics per page in that area, and it's a page you're requesting so the philosophy is different). So pages should load quickly, and all you have to do is click on any thumbnail to get a larger sized image.

Also, I have included text with the thumbnail command that displays a label on your monitor if you rest the mouse cursor over the thumbnail. Sometimes it may be just the name of the picture, but sometimes there's other potentially useful information. I think this is called touch-help, but I'm not sure.

I hope this makes life easier for you. If I missed one, please let me know. In fact, please let me know about any broken link.

Now, before anyone else using the nom de web of Woodbutcher has apoplexy over its appearance here, let me assure you that:

this site is frames free

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Valid CSS!

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